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International Callback Service

International Callers -- Enjoy our super low international callback service rates and high quality services from any country, making truly cheap international calls easily. Learn more about callback service...
World Travelers --
As you travel, for business, pleasure or for overseas study, make cheap callback service calls from the comfort of your hotel, cell phone or dorm in 250 countries...
Learn more about callback service...
US, Canadian Expatriates
-- Access low U.S. rates and high quality connections from your overseas home anywhere in the world. Take the U.S. long distance service you have enjoyed to your new home. Save big with callback service...
Multi-national Companies
-- Have your overseas branches call your U.S. or Canadian head office at the same low rate you call them with. Or, have branches in different countries call one another at much cheaper prices. You need callback service..



Think about it! By communicating with your customers in real time, you can answer their questions, address concerns, and then complete transactions all within a matter of moments. You just need a Call-Me-Button.


Three toll free services plans for your business needs. State-of-art Toll-Free Service for your North American presence. Very low 4.5 cents flat rate within USA.  Also support vanity numbers. ... Now, $34.95 per month for unlimited toll free voicemail, fax with many cool features. ... check it out!


Newly cut international callback rates... Customers can save up to 80% for international long distance calling ...more.

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Best Rates! No Setup Fees! 
Join our worldwide 8,500 
happy customers today!




1-800 USA, Canada & International Toll Free & Voicemail Services

NACI TrueFlat toll free services make it easy for customers, friends and family to reach you with a toll free number and voicemail. Business 800 numbers are proven to increase the response to any promotion and increase both the volume and size of sales. Our toll free service also allows family members to call you free of charge. Rate start as low as 4.5 cents/min...

Have incoming calls forwarded to any phone number in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, China or any country in the world. There are four service programs designed for your needs: 1-800 Follow Me, 1-800 Office for per-minute toll free calls with no setup charge, TeleCenter for unlimited toll free voicemail, and CallMe 0800 for international toll free numbers, such as an 800 number from UK or Mexico. We can also help you get a good vanity 800 number that provides an instant brand name, recognition and prestige. Learn more about toll free service ...


Dial-around Long Distance for Home and Mobile Phones 

No changes from your current carrier. No hardware to buy. No monthly or sign up fees. Are you a mobile phone user in the U.S. with an unlimited national calling plan and want to call overseas with low rates and no PIN number hassle? If so, this is the perfect plan - United World Telecom has created a service exclusively for you! Sign up today and save up to 90% on your international calls. Make cheap long distance calls 24/7 at excellent international rates. Save without switching your carrier. You also get a free calling card for your travel. Learn more about dial around...


International Travel Calling Card, Phone Card

Very low rates with a high quality international phone card that can be accessed through hotel phones, pay phones and mobile phones when traveling overseas. No down payment. Six-second increments. No contract, no obligation. Check your calls and billing online. FREE sign up! An alternative to callback services when traveling for very short period and have no fixed phone number. Learn more about calling card..


Call Me Button

The Call Me Button is a user-friendly Click-to-Talk service that allows your online visitors speak with your call center agents with the click of a mouse. The The Call Me Button button can be placed anywhere on your web site, email or banner add. It is a cost-effective and platform-neutral ASP solution that will help you convert more visitors into paying customers.



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