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Toll Free 800 Service Plans for Business

Features and Benefits of Virtual Office PBX Phone System 
at the Cost of A Toll Free Number for Business

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Nationwide Toll Free Number Makes it easy for your clients to reach you without the worry of long distance charges. You can have clients from all over North America call you. Our flat low rate of 6.5 cents a minute means pennies per sale. Learn details.
Free Local Number New! You'll get a free local number that comes with your toll free order. A local number can provide a local presence in any target city. Many clients use local numbers in geographical targeted advertising.
Professional Greetings Impress your clients with a customized professional greeting. Imagine the difference between someone answering "Hello" and an automated message saying " Welcome to ABC company, Enter your extension..."  Learn details.
Auto-attendant You can have all the services of a receptionist without any human errors. The Auto-Attendant can route your calls exactly where they need to be. Also, freeing up your receptionist to spend more time on your business. Learn details.
Call Screening and Announce New! This feature allows you to decide what you want to do with a call. You can answer, put it on hold, or send to voicemail. You are also able to hear the callers name before you answer.
Voicemail Capacity Our advanced voicemail answers your calls when you are not available or want some quiet time to work on your business without interruption. You can access your messages whenever you want, you can even archive for future use. Learn details.
Dynamic Operator Extension If the client wants to talk to a receptionist, they simply press "0" for operator. No clients would leave in confusion. Learn details.
Unlimited Extensions New! You can setup a specific extension for each department or each employee. Each extension can be forwarded to different numbers and each extension can have a private voicemail with personal greeting.
Dial-by-Name Directory New! This feature allows a caller to access your company directory and find a person they are looking for by dialing the first few letters of an employee name.
Call Routing Extension New! This feature allows you to distribute calls evenly across your sales staff or customer service staff. It also allows for multiple calls to be placed on hold.
Memo on Call New! A feature that is excusive to this system. It allows you to record notes after you finish with a call. These notes can be accessed at any time after the call. These voice memo will be played to if the caller calls again while the caller is listening to music on hold.
Call Recording New! Need to remember what is said in a call? Our call recording feature can come in very handy when you need to remember key points from a phone call.
After-Hours Mode New! This feature allows you to setup your phone system specifically for the time of day it is. E.g., after hours you can set the system up to provide a different greeting.
Music-on-Hold New! Allows callers to listen to music while they wait on hold. This is a feature that most big companies have.
Voice Studio New! Using the voice studio you can choose a voice talent that you like, record in a different language, or produce a commercial to play for the clients on hold. This is a feature that most big companies have.
Call Queue New! You have the option of setting up a queue on any extension. If you receive multiple calls, all of them will be put on a queue and routed to your phone on a first-come-first-serve basis.
No busy signals/Unlimited capacity Never miss those important calls because your line is busy. Our PBX can handle over 100 simultaneous calls. If your line is busy, the other callers will simply be prompted by your voicemail. Learn details.
Change Ring-to Number Don't bind yourself to your office to handle important calls. Simply forward your extension to your mobile phone, or even the Bahamas. The changes are simple and effective immediately. Learn details.
Call Blast New! This feature allows to forward your call to 5 different phone numbers simultaneously.
Unified office appearances Each extension can forward to a completely different phone number. Extension for sales department could be handled by a salesperson in Europe, technical in California and Customer service in New York. As far as your client is concerned, your departments are in the same corporate building. Learn details.
No need for a technician Our asp based PBX resides in a secure location. You will never need a high priced technician to install and maintain the system. Learn details.
Caller ID with extensions Keep track of all the calls you receive on your PBX. You can compile the information for marketing purposes, or use for customer data. All calls are logged in real time and presented in formatted reports. Learn details.
Web Access to Voicemail Forget the days when you accidentally deleted an important message, or have to sift through numerous voicemails. All of your messages are stored on-line with the caller's phone number displayed. You can listen to them from anywhere, archive them, or simply delete those unwanted messages.  Learn details.
Web based administration Do everything and learn everything about your account through the web. Everything is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn details.
Notification via e-mail and iPhone, Blackberry, etc. You can listen to any message using your iPhone, Blackberry, or other PDA. You can listen to an MP3 format so you never miss a message. Get notified of a new message immediately through any option you want. Simply wait, and we tell you. Learn details.
Call Blocking You can decide exactly who calls your Toll Free Number. You can block specific phone numbers, prefixes and whole area codes. Learn details.
Call return from mailbox, phone and internet Save unnecessary and wasted time writing down a phone number, when you can immediately dial the phone through a simple push of a button. Learn details.
Internet Fax New! This service comes with a fax line. Faxes to your toll free number is forwarded to your email as a PDF. You can also send out fax from your private online site.
Forced Voicemail Only answer the calls when YOU want to. When you need some quiet time, but don't want to miss those important calls, our system will record those missed calls. Learn details.
Detailed on-line Billing We break down exactly what and when we charge you. An easy to understand invoice, and eliminate confusion. Learn details.
6 second billing increments You won't pay a whole minute for talking an extra 6 seconds. At 4.5 cents a minute, this literally means a fraction of a cent for each 6 seconds. Learn details.
PBX connect For those that already have a PBX system, our toll free service can easily adapt to your system. Learn details.
No hardware or software required Our PBX has all of the benefits, without any of the hassle. Let us worry about the expensive equipment, so you don't have to buy anything. Learn details.
Virtual Calling Card New! Your phone number can be used as virtual calling card account number if you are ever in need of one. Simply dial our access number and enter your toll free number and pin, then you are able to make long distance calls.

Nationwide Toll Free Number

This is your main number that all features and benefits revolve around. This is the number that you can advertise and give out to prospects and clients so they can reach you. The PBX (extensions) and voicemail (Enabled or Forced) can only work once this number becomes active. NACI gives you the option of selecting your own Toll Free Number. You can select an existing number from our list, which will be active within 24 hours. However, you also have the option of having a personal and unique Toll Free Number, Vanity numbers will become active within 4-6 business days. [top]

Professional Greeting

To add a big company feel, you can use a custom greeting to welcome callers and inform them of their options. For example, "Welcome to TurRain! If you know the extension of the party, please dial the extension number or press 0 for operator's assistance." (Click to listen to this greeting). Once you sign up for our PBX, you will have the option to either use a generic greeting, or create your own. NACI has already established 3 greetings that you can select from. However, to give your business a more personal feel, you can record your own greeting. You can select the type of greeting you wish to use by following the instructions on your on-line account manager. [top] 


The auto-attendant is the best way to route your calls, and give your business that corporate feel. Upon calling your Toll Free Number, the caller will hear the greeting and will be given voice prompts to dial an extension. Even better, you can create sub-menus based around the original menu. [top]

Voicemail Capacity

The voicemail for our Toll Free Numbers have a default capacity of 10 messages at any given time. However, you can increase this limit by calling our customer service representatives and requesting a larger capacity. Also, you can download your messages onto a computer and listen to them as audio files. You will be given notification via e-mail upon each new message.[ top] 

Dynamic Operator Extension

The auto-attendant has a default of making the extension "0" forward to a receptionist. However, you can assign this extension to any number. [top] 

No busy signals/Unlimited capacity

We understand that each call is important to you and your business. By using top of the line routing, we eliminate busy signals. You can have multiple calls come in at any time at the same time. [top]

Change Ring-to Number

Through your on-line account manager, you have the ability to change the destination number of each extension. Any changes are done in real-time so the moment you make a change, it is immediately done. Also, each extension can forward separate phone numbers. [top]

Unified office appearance

A feature for those who want to give the impression of a unified office, but in reality have a scattered team. Our PBX can have each extension forward to different phone numbers. One extension can forward to a landline in one country, and a separate extension can forward to a cell phone in a different country. [top]

No need for a technician

As a NACI client, we eliminate the need for heavy and expensive equipment and confusing software. The only hardware you will ever need is a telephone. We take care of the rest. [top]

Caller ID with extensions

Each call that is received through your Toll Free Number is recognized through our advanced system. All calls are logged in your on-line account manager and can be viewed in Real Time. You can know exactly who called which extension. [top]

Web Access to Voicemail

To avoid paying a fee when dialing in to listen to new voicemails, NACI gives you the option to listen to them over your computer. Through your on-line account manager, each new message is stored in a .WAV format for you to listen. Simply save the message onto your computer, and listen to it as many times as you like. [top]

Web based administration

The on-line account manager gives you full control over every small aspect any time. View all Call Details, change the routing, listen to voicemails and view account transactions are only the beginning. All details are posted in real time, and all account changes are modified in real time. [top]

Notification, e-mail, iPhone, Blackberry or other PDA

Whenever you have a new voicemail message, you have multiple options of how you would like to be notified. You will be sent an e-mail, but we can also go one step further. You can be alerted on your cellular phone that you have a new message. You can listen to an MP3 format voicemail on your iPhone, Blackberry or any other PDA.

Call Blocking

As a NACI user, you have full control over your Toll Free Number, this includes selecting who can dial your number. Through your on-line account manager, you have the option to block certain phone numbers or even whole area codes. [top]

Call return from mailbox, phone and internet

This time saving feature eliminates the need for a paper and pen. When listening to your voicemails, you have the option to immediately dial the number back. Our system recognizes the original call and gives you the option to call it. Don��t worry about people not leaving a number, or listening to a message multiple times just to hear a phone number. [top]

Forced Voicemail

NACI gives you the option to customize your voicemails also. The forced voicemail is perfect for people who only want a voicemail box without the hassle of answering calls. [top]

Detailed on-line Billing

Through your on-line account manager, you have the option to view all your account transactions in real time. View all your calls, the length of time and how much each call costs. Also, you can see how much and when we perform the credit card charges. We eliminate the need and use of paper bills in favor of an easier and more convenient method, which is environmentally friendly.[top]

6 second billing increments

Each call that is connected has a minimum charge of 30 seconds. After that initial 30 seconds we bill at 6 second increments. If you speak for 10 seconds, you will be billed for 30, if you speak for 32 seconds, you will be billed for 36 seconds. With our low rates, this literally equates into a fraction of a cent. Click to see a sample of billing and call details. [top]

PBX connect

Our Toll Free Numbers can adapt to an already existing hardware PBX system. So one extension can be in the office and one can be at home. Both Calls can be answered, but will be answered from totally different locations. And voicemails can be routed to these separate locations.
The only requirement is that the existing PBX must have an auto-attendant. It cannot work if a live receptionist or operator answers the calls. [top]

No hardware/software required

Have all the features of a PBX system multi-national company uses at a fraction of the cost. You don't have to buy hardware/software, or buy new modules when new features become available. [top]




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