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Toll Free Number Service With Follow Me: Only 4.5 cents within continental USA,  6.5 cents within Canada call forwarding (PLAN A)


4.5 cents USA toll free








Toll Free Numbers Accessible from Both U.S. and Canada


Our toll free number can be accessed from any phone in U.S. and Canada. It is a unique U.S. toll-free number, and it is also a unique Canadian toll-free number. You own the number!


Domestic Personal or Business Customers (If you or your business is in the U.S. or Canada)


The 2005 new low rates make our clients happier: 4.5 cents/minute within continental USA, 6.5 cents within Canada and between USA and Canada. There is NO hidden "double-leg" price like what some other toll-free vendors usually charge their customers. There is NO setup fee and NO minimum to spend. You can monitor your call details and pricing over our easy- to-use powerful Customer Account Management Center, so you know what you are paying. More to see from domestic rate table


If you are only looking for voicemail service, you can set this plan to be voicemail only for just $4.95/month. This feature is called "forced voicemail" and all calls will go to your voicemail box at 4.5 cents/min rate without you answering the calls. 


Example rates: 


Your callers calling from Your location Rate
New York, USA Los Angles, USA 4.5 cents
San Francisco, USA  Los Angeles, USA 4.5 cents
Vancouver, Canada Toronto, Canada 6.5 cents
Montreal, Canada Houston, USA 6.5 cents
Seattle, USA Calgary, Canada 6.5 cents

Toll-free numbers with "800" prefix are the most familiar toll free numbers. At the time "800" numbers went out a few years ago, "888" numbers started to be used. Today, as you may know, both USA and Canada have almost run out of toll free numbers with the "800" prefix, and toll free numbers with the "888" prefix are also more difficult to acquire. Many toll free services providers are offering "877" and "866" numbers. We still have a limited quantity of 800 numbers and large pool of 888 numbers. When you sign up with our service, we'll try our best to obtain an 800 number for you, and at least, we guarantee we'll get you an 888 number.


International Call Forwarding (If you or your business is outside the U.S. or Canada)


Calls from U.S. and Canada can be forwarded to any phone number in the world. Still very cheap rates. You can answer 1-800 calls in 250 countries such as UK, Russia, Australia, Mexico, etc. It is great for US or Canadian business travelers going overseas and expecting calls from US or Canadian offices. This is also ideal for international business competing in the North American market. See details about the service features. Please check the international rates table.


Sample rates: 


Your callers calling from Your location Rate
Chicago, USA London, UK 6.5 cents
Atlanta, USA  Hyderabad, India  12.5 cents
Edmonton, Canada Taiwan, ROC  8.3 cents
Montreal, Canada Bermuda 19.3 cents


Call Hunting Feature -- Have your toll free number ringing to different numbers that can get hold of you. Find out more.


Fast Activation and Easy Cancellation


You will receive your Toll free number almost instantly after submitting the online sign up form. There is NO setup charge. If someday you don't need a toll free number, simply send us an email or call us toll free customer support line and get the number and service cancelled with no question to be asked. There is no fee to do that.


Caller ID on Call Records and Call Block


Know the name, phone number and address of everyone who calls. You can also block certain numbers to save call expense. 


VoiceMail Add-on


Never miss another call. Customize your greeting. Access messages from anywhere in the world. 

Add 30 days free trial and then just $4.99 a month. You can also set forced-voicemail to have your voicemail box answer incoming calls.
Learn more...

US, Canada Vanity Numbers Lookup -- Now you can look up yourself!


Get your toll free number in form of business-related combination of letters to impress your customers and friends, such as 1-800-RENT-CAR, 1-888-8-CRUISE, 1-877-CAR-SALE, or 1-866-MATTRESS. Now you can look up the vanity numbers you desire. There will be a $14.99 administrative charge for all successfully connected vanity toll free numbers, which covers the administration of securing these numbers. It can also takes 5 business days to get your number connected. You can have us look them up, too. Click here to submit your options. But now you can lookup yourself by clicking the vanity number lookup page


Choice Numbers from Our Pool -- We look up for you FOR FREE!


Get the toll free number that contains the keywords for your business. Don't want to pay the Vanity Number connection charge and don't want to wait for activation of vanity numbers? Here is the alternative at zero cost to you with 24 hours activation. Now go with Choice Numbers. Simply tell us the key words for your business, for example, "web," and we'll look up any number in our pool that contains the digits of "932 (web)" and we assign that to you. Then you'll have a quasi-vanity number like 1-888-550-2WEB. Click here to submit your options.  


Online Customer Account Management Center


Manage your account 24/7/365 online. Change your ring-to number, view your invoice, retrieve call details, update your profile, send trouble tickets and special requests to our Customer Service center, and more.


Dare to compare! 


Rates within continental US - Interstate.

4.5 cents/min

6.9 cents/min
8 cents/min
Rates US - Intrastate
4.5 cents/min
7.5 -15 cents/min
6.7 cents/min
Installation charge


Monthly charge
Minimum call length
Billing increments
6 seconds
1 sec
6 sec

Instant online setup


-- --

Instantly change ring-to number


-- --

Retrieve call details online in real time


-- --

International forwarding


-- --

Click here to for detailed comparison on domestic pricing and billing info. 
This comparison is for information purposes only. 



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1-800 Follow Me

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Toll Free Service Home

Call Centers.
Our intelligent routing technology enables call centers to manage all incoming calls with real time data.

Small business and home offices.
Enjoy one simple number that you can setup with multiple ring-to numbers. Create a virtual office with features like enhanced voice mail and much more.

International business.
Businesses all over the world can gain a strong presence in North America with toll free numbers that ring anywhere in the world.

Personal use.
Allow family and friends to contact you any time any where with one toll free number. Excellent as a back up in case of emergencies.

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