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Canada Local Virtual Phone Number with International Call Forwarding

Call My Canadian Number

Now anyone can contact you anywhere in the world by calling your Canadian phone number. Any calls to this phone number will be instantly transferred to you through our domestic and international call forwarding system.

Do you want your customers, friends or relatives to reach you wherever you are without giving them a new phone number each time you travel or move? Or do you want to have a Canadian business image with a Canadian local phone number?

If so, CallMyCanadianNumber is the solution.

CallMyCanadianNumber allows you to own a unique Canadian phone number (a virtual phone number Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Quebec, Ottawa, Edmonton, Victoria, Halifax and other cities in Canada) that will forward your calls to you anywhere in the U.S., Canada and any country at deeply discounted international rates. This number can also forward calls to your existing toll-free number, a toll-free PBX system, a cell phone or a fax machine.

For international users, your customers who call your unique Canadian local phone number will pay the same rates as when calling a Canadian number. Since normally a Canadian call within the same area code is a free call, your customers will not pay any price. All calls will be immediately and seamlessly forwarded to your international phone number and you will be responsible for the forwarding charge. The rate depends on the country you are in.

Our Canada Local Number Features and Advantages

Flexible Call Forwarding
This service is compatible with any fixed or mobile phone around the world.

Large Selection of Global Phone Numbers
Choose from a large selection of virtual local phone numbers all over the world.

Easily Change Your Call Forwarding Number
We offers you the ability to change your call forwarding number at any time with our easy to use online interface or by phone.

Customized Greeting
This feature allows customers to record a customized greeting to their line free of charge. The recorded greeting will be played after a caller dials the designated phone number and before the forwarding number starts ringing.

Low Rates with High Quality
With our service, you do not need to sacrifice quality to achieve low rates. We always have high quality connections at the best rates.

No Connection Fees for Incomplete or Busy Calls
Unlike other companies, with UWT you will never be charged anything for a busy or incomplete call.

Easy Payment Options
We can debit your monthly usage from your preferred credit card, or you can pre-pay your account every month, it's your choice!

Electronic Monthly Statements
We will automatically send you a monthly statement by e-mail with all of your call details for the month at no additional charge!

Excellent Customer Service
We offer excellent customer service! As an NACI customer, you will receive individual attention from our trained and qualified professionals.

Online Account Management
Full featured on-line account management for easy handling of many convenient features!

No Contract, No Commitment
When signing up for our call forwarding services, you will not be bound by any contract and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Multiple Simultaneous Call Handling


Currently we have local numbers from the following Canadian cities.

What's New?

We are now offering European local numbers, Asian local numbers (including Australia) and South American local numbers.  They numbers can forward calls to their original countries and any number in the world.



Canadian Local Number

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Customer Service
1-800-341-0610 (9 AM- 5 PM, EST. Weekdays)
Link to Canadian toll free numbers (Plan A & Plan B)

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