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Auto Attendant Answering Service by 1800 Toll Free Virtual PBX System


Why spend huge monthly $$ to hire a telephone answering service attendant to answer customer calls, when you can have a machine to do it at an extremely low cost?  Virtual PBX provides your business with sophisticated call-forwarding, voice-mail or call-hunting [content seems to imply these services, review before using] service to any phone number in any location. 


No matter if you�re in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, or anywhere in California, or in Dallas, Houston, Texas, Chicago, or New York, our auto answering service through our 1-800 toll free virtual PBX system can help your business 24/7 without paying for an expensive live operator. 


There is no equipment to buy or install. The only things you need is your telephone, anywhere in the US, Canada or any other country in the world. The cost is a low 4.5 cents per minute within the continental US. Our virtual PBX system makes your answering service the lowest cost possible!


Our 1-800 virtual PBX service works for every type business, such as doctor's offices, [insert more examples here], etc. Your customers can call during normal business hours and leave messages on your voicemail boxes, or you can allow them to hunt for you in an emergency with our call-hunting feature. The virtual PBX can even be bilingual by assigning extensions to different languages such as Spanish or Chinese. The auto attendant system is not through the Internet, but through our reliable carriers, guaranteeing high quality.


Please visit our 1-800 Office pages for complete features of this great phone answering system.


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You can now get a "non" toll free numbers in the U.S. (a regular U.S. telephone number) which will be accessible from any country.

This service is "Call My US Number"





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