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Toll Free Vanity Number Lookup for NACI TrueFlat®
1-800-Follow Me (Service Plan A) and 1-800 Office PBX (Service Pl
an B)


Get NACI flat-rate toll free service today! Even better, you can find a vanity number that says your business name! Here is a link to AT&T's vanity number search tool.  We use a database similar to AT&T.  The vanity number you find at AT&T's site will probably be available in our inventory.  Our own search tool will in place soon; until then, with ATT's search tool you can try numbers before hand. 


toll free virtual pbxPlease notice that this search is only for our flat-rate toll free service Plan A (1-800 Follow Me) and Plan B (1-800 Office Virtual PBX).

Now, customers with NACI enjoy 4.5 cents per minute toll free flat-rate calling within the continental US and 6.5 cents with in Canada.  And, there is NO minimum to spend! With Plan B (1-800 Office) order, now you'll receive a free local number and free Internet Fax as your signup bonus, plus first month free of service fee! Tons of advanced features are available!


You Own Your Toll Free Number.


The moment you sign up for a toll free number through NACI and it begins to work properly, the number belongs to you.  At any point you have the option to cancel your account, or port your number to a different provider (when your account is active).  The only instance in which this would not apply is the following:


1) The account is never activated;
2) The number never connects;
3) Your account is under a "Collection" status due to unpaid charges;
4) You cancel your account BEFORE porting your number to a different provider.



Supporting Carriers


Toll Free Plan A and B

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Domestic Rates just 4.5 cents
International Rates
Order 1-800 Follow Me
1-800 Follow Me Home
Plan B: 1-800 Office
Plan C: TeleCenter
Plan D: CallMe 0800

Toll Free Service Home

Call Centers.
Our intelligent routing technology enables call centers to manage all incoming calls with real time data.
Small business and home offices.
Enjoy one simple number that you can setup with multiple ring-to numbers. Create a virtual office with features like enhanced voice mail and much more.
International business.

Businesses all over the world can gain a strong presence in North America with toll free numbers that ring anywhere in the world.
Personal use.

Allow family and friends to contact you any time any where with one toll free number. Excellent as a back up in case of emergencies.

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We support vanity numbers!




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