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How it works

You can get setup and implement this cutting-edge customer service tool in less than 24 hours.

1. Complete the online signup form, enter your profile, number to which route calls and payment information.

2. Click the Submit button once.
You will instantly receive your CALL ME Button and the html link.

3. Just paste the button or link anywhere in your web site, email or banner add.
How to use it
1. The customer first clicks on the �Call Me� button � whether it is located directly on the web page, classified ad, web directory, banner ad, hyperlink or email attachment.

2. The customer then enters his or her phone number and other details, such as their name and email address.
3. Your customer service representative will receive an inbound call with a voice message notification. Once the agent responds to the notification, he or she is instantly connected with the customer. You will be sent an email containing the customer�s personal details once the two principal parties connect.







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