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  Highlight of Our Callback Service Features

* Extremely competitive rates to call around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days week.
* Billing in 6 second increments for an additional 10-15% savings.
* Compatible with any telecommunications environment: voice, cellular, fax, hotels, dorms, ...
* Instant online processing, online billing and invoice,...
* No taxes, including no Value Added Tax (VAT).
* Multiple language voice prompts and DTMF signaling possible.
* No charge for busy or no answer calls.
* Speed dialing of 99 memory numbers for your convenience.
* Can be programmed for switchboards, hotels, operators and PBX systems.
* Internet triggering possible.
* Automatic routing to auto-attendant extensions.
* Detailed billing with summary balances and usage reports .

Important :
There is NO monthly fee when your total monthly usage is above $20. If it is below $20, 
a $4 maintenance fee will be charged.

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