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Living outside US and Canada?

Use our flagship international callback service for significant savings by enjoying the same low rates as US and Canadian residents. See how callback can help you to achieve that.

How about a U.S. toll-free number?

Allow family, friends and business partner to contact you any time any where with one toll free number. A strong presence in North America with a toll-free number. See how you can achieve...



Why long distance dial-around long means saving? 
How does it compare to 10-10 service?

Dial Around is the common term to describe services that you use to "dial around" your registered long distance carrier.

By dialing a special toll free number or a 10-10 # you bypass your carrier. The calls are now being carried by the service from which you received the access number.

Are 10-10 or Dial Around rates better than regular long distance rates?

They definitely can be (especially for international calls), BUT BEWARE.

What about long distance like 1015335 or 1010220 that bills a 10 or 20 minute minimum charge?

Unless you know the caller is there and you will be talking at least 20 minutes, you should NOT use these services. What if you get an answering machine for 30 seconds. At the 99 cents they make sound so cheap, that is now $2 a minute!!

Millions of times per year people get stuck with a 99-cent bill for a call that lasted one-minute or less with 10-10-220!

So, always use a phone plan that has a low, one minute minimum rate or less.


That said-- there are services and occasions that a Dial-Around can be great.  The best services usually offer very competitive international rates. The other advantage to dial around for special calls is that, like a calling card, they can be used from virtually any phone in the US.


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