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Enabling you to stay up-to-date with the technological savings in the 21st Century.

Our success is driven by our efficient multi-language customer service, high call-processing quality and very competitive rates.

We strive to maintain a long-term relationship with our agents and business partners, characterized by honesty, mutual trust and personal service.



Welcome to, an NACI company providing international callback, international toll-free, and dial-around services, in association with Telcan Inc.

BESTCALLBACK.NET is an international telecommunications marketing and consulting company that provides phone services around the world at significant discount to what most people currently pay. We help you to take control of your telephone costs and by-pass the expensive rates charged by the local/national telephone companies (PTT's).

BESTCALLBACK.NET is owned by NACI, which stands for NORTH AMERICA COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL (US, Canada, Australia, and China), an international business consulting company. NACI has been providing low cost but high quality international callback services in over 160 countries. Our clients include individual customers, who are travelers, international students, military service personnel, and any people who are in need of getting touch with their relatives around the world. Non-profit organizations, such as Peace Corps and foreign embassies in Beijing use our service to cut their international telephony budget. Corporate users have found their annual business cost in their international long distance including phone calls and faxes have been significantly reduced by using our callback service. 

NACI'S partner TELCAN INC. is in the business of providing discounted long distance services to companies and individuals around the world. Its system is designed to function under the toughest mission-critical standards, with 24/7 on-site monitoring, real-time diagnostics and reporting. Fully redundant switching platforms and web servers located at strategic bandwidth hubs in New York (25 Broadway) and Toronto (30 Adelaide) ensure that downtime is all but eliminated.  

Jointly, NACI-Telcan offers telecommunications services to corporate and individual customers around the world by working closely with major US long distance carriers. The company's in-house developed platforms are connected to fiber optic networks of the best quality, with local switches in several locations around the world..


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