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The Prepaid Distributor Program allows the sales, marketing and provisioning of prepaid cards (including prepaid callback) on a global scale.
The main advantage of this program is that you can activate, recharge and manage accounts through the Internet, in real time. You will also have access to call details for every line.


- Online instant activation.
Activate your lines online. Perform batch updates to multiple lines and download PIN list for printing your cards.

- Distribute payments to any line, instantly.
Add and remove payments to a line or a group of lines. A summary report will reflect the totals deducted and discounts applied to your balance. For example if you add a payment of $100 to a specific number, and your commission is 12%, the report will show a deduction of $88 from your cash account.

- Programmable multiple languages.
Set your lines to play prompts in Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. More languages will be uploaded soon.

- Programmable minutes announcements or Dollar announcements.
Program your lines to announce "You have XX minutes for this call" or "Your current balance is XX"

- Call detail records in real time.
Select any period for any account and retrieve call details in almost real time. This feature greatly helps resolve any disputes that may arise.

- Online trouble ticket reporting system.
Submit trouble tickets to our customer service department. A trouble ticket form will guide you in providing necessary information to help us pin point the problem.

- Multiple rate tables and commission levels, ranging from 12% to 33%.
We have created four standard rate tables to help you accommodate to your target commission. Your commission is always based on the chosen table and the monthly collected revenue.


How it works

1. Submit the Order Form via email or fax.
2. Send initial wire payment.
3. In two business days you will receive your login name and password.
4. Your current cash balance is shown in the main page.
5. Edit any necessary line or group parameter.
6. Once you add payments to your lines, a summary report will reflect
the totals deducted and discounts applied to your balance.
7. When your cash balance reaches ZERO, you need to send additional funds
in order to activate more accounts.


The Prepaid Distributor Program At Glance


NACI offers one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly distributors programs in the long distance market. For more information and to help us serve you better please complete our Affiliate Contact Information. In the next business day you will be contact by one of our account executives.


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