Since commencing operations in 1997, NACI has been among the fastest growing facility-based service providers. Our company has an impressive technological background, having been founded by skilled engineers, and our technical acumen has enabled us to develop all our products, services, and web applications in house. To ensure unsurpassed value, furthermore, we routinely add innovative features to our solutions. So you can be sure you'll be getting the most up-to-date solutions available.

What we offer

Speaking of solutions, our back office management system will enable you to run flexible reports that chart daily usage, monthly usage, revenues generated, commission generated, new orders, and more. At the same time, you will get email notifications to alert you about any new orders you have generated. NACI will ensure your agent ID is followed throughout the entire ordering process. We'll also make it easier on you by enabling you to direct customers from your site to any NACI page you desire. For example, if you are only marketing our NACI800 service, we can provide you with links that will help your customers navigate through the 800-follow-me section. If you prefer, NACI can work with your webmaster to create a custom site designed from ground up.


While other major telecom providers spend millions on TV and printed ads, our marketing and promotional initiatives begin and end with the well being of our agents, distributors, and resellers. We are a fiscally responsible telecom that is well able to offer you superior products and services at rates significantly cheaper than those offered by the major telecom providers. For a limited time, you can try us out cost-free, with no obligation if we do not meet your high standards.

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