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International Callback for long distance calls -- Please visit our new pages for updated No.1 service information!

NACI-Telcan developed a service that offers an alternative to the local telephone monopolies. By "re-originating" a call to a location that is inside the US or Canada, we are able to bill calls at extremely low rates.

By delivering a North American dial tone overseas, the savings of calls can be spectacular - as cheapest as much as 70% when compared to intercontinental rates of foreign telephone calls companies. For example it costs US $4.60 to make a 10 minutes call from Sao Paulo, Brazil to USA while it costs only US $2.10 to make the same call using NACI/TelCan's callback system. This service is available in every country in the world.

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How It Works

Our customers are given unique access numbers (DID), making our Callback service fast and easy to use; perfect for voice, fax, modem and cellular applications. The basic steps are the following:

  1. Dial your DID provided by us, wait one ring and hang up.
  2. Upon receiving callback in 5-10 seconds, proceed to make your call as if you were dialing from North America:
  • dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number; for calls to USA, Canada & Caribbean dial 1 + Area Code + Number. You may press (*) after dialing your number to speed up your call processing.
  1. Press (**) to make another call or press (##) to exit the system.

NACI/TelCan will provide you with the most economical method of placing international voice, facsimile, or data transmissions calls. There is no need for special equipment, only a standard telephone capable of generating tone signals.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with any telecommunications environment: voice, cellular, fax, personal computers, hotels, PBX/PABX, key sytems, etc.
  • Instant online activation, online billing.
  • No taxes, including no Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Multiple language capable voice prompts and DTMF signaling.
  • No charge for busy or no answer calls.
  • Speed dialing of 99 memory numbers for your convenience.
  • Personalized greetings. Customers may program their own greetings to use Callback with switchboards, hotels, operators and PBX systems
  • Automatic routing to auto-attendant extensions.
  • Detailed billing with summary balances and usage reports.
  • Billing in 6 second increments for an additional 10-15% savings
  • Callback Autodialers for direct dialing.

    Join Now...

    Send us your current monthly bill and our analysts will examine your bill and propose the most cost effective solution. We will also send you a detailed our bill showing how much your company would have saved.

    To sign up for our services, just submit the completed an Our Application Form using our Secure Server (SSL) or fax it to 1-419-844-3210. We will provide you with a number in Canada or the US to call when making all of your international calls.

    Any company or individual who calls internationally should try this system, the results speak for themselves.

    For more service details, please visit our newly designed homepage at 

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