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  • NACIís dial-around represents great saving in long distance charges for Canadian and US customers. With this service there is no need to change your current long distance provider. Our dial around service can be used for both domestic and international calls. Cheapest rates!

    How It works


    1. Dial 1-800-873-1129 and wait for a dial tone.
    2. Dial your destination phone number followed by #.

    -  for calls within Canada and US, dial 1 + area code + number;

    -  for international calls dial country code + number;

    You can register your home, office or cellular numbers for this service. NACI will also provide you with a calling card PIN code so you can call from any location, including hotels and payphones.

    You will also receive a login account where you can view your invoice, real time call details, edit your profile and submit any requests to our customer support center.

    To subscribe and enjoy the savings today, simply complete and submit the online sign up form. Activation takes just a few hours upon credit card verification. Once activated you will receive a welcome message from our support group.

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