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New: Unlimited international callback to US and Canada        

International callback at low long distance service rates



NACI's callback services is a viable alternative to the inflexible and unresponsive monopolies. By "re-originating" calls to our telecom switch, NACI's carriers are able to bill calls at rates the monopolies cannot even come close to match. This service is available worldwide, all you need is a telephone with direct international access and capable of generating tones. Callback will also allow callers from any country to call US or Canadian toll free numbers.


How to Make a Callback Call -- Easy & simple calling procedure (Click to see a graphic dialing instruction).


1. After you sign up, we assign you a special unlisted U.S. phone number that you will call. This number is your unique Access Number (also called DID number). You dial this DID, wait one ring and hang up. Since you hang up BEFORE a connecting answer, there is no charge for the call from your national or local phone company.

2. Our system has been signaled that you called, our computer will immediately call you back and give you a U.S. dial tone. Upon receiving this callback, you can then proceed to make your call as follows:


For calls to U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, you must dial

1 + Area Code + Number.
You may press (#) after dialing your number to speed up your call processing;

For calls to any other country in the world, you need to dial

011 + Country Code + City Code + Number.
You may press (#) after dialing your number to speed up your call processing;
To speed-dial, you must dial the two digit speed dial number, enter 99 to redial the previous number, press (**) to make another call, or press (##) to exit the system.


Features, Benefits and Billing


Discounted long distance rates from any location in the world.

No setup fee, and no cancellation fee.

Pay no monthly fee if your monthly usage is more than $20. If the usage is lower than $20, a modest $4 maintenance fee will apply to your account.

Multiple language voice prompts available.

No charge for busy or unanswered phone calls!! Your call won't be billed until you receive the callback dial tone and dial the destination number.

Speed dialing of numbers you call often for your convenience is a major help with better providers!

Make highly discounted international phone calls between any two countries in the world.  Note: there are certainly occasions when your calls to a neighboring country will be cheaper using your national provider. In these cases, simply dial as you would without callback!

Compatible with any telecommunications environment: voice, cellular, fax, modem . . .

No deposit or pre-payment needed with valid credit card. Pre-payment is also accepted for users without a credit card by Western Union, Wire transfer, banknote, money order, checks.

All charges are billed to your credit card AFTER calls are made.

Fast online activation. You can start using the service in just 24 hours after placing your order.

Access to North American (US and Canada) toll-free numbers from overseas.


Access our powerful Online Customer Account Management Center, an online management service that will allow you to:

- View your current invoice;
- View your call details in real time;
- Change your billing profile;
- Add new services instantly;
- Change your registered number or add new callback numbers;
- Place calls directly from your desktop with a click of a button
- Download call details into any application of your choice. 
Perfect for rebilling or producing expense reports
- Place calls conveniently from your desktop with a click of a button -- web triggers or email trigger.




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Callback Is Easy!

Using callback service, people 
living outside USA can use US 
low-priced long distance service
 to save international toll charges!




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