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US and International Conferencing


Our providers offer full 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability gives you access to “live” people when you need it most.

And because both providers bases their competitive pricing on volume and commitment, there will be no setup fees to initiate your conference calls.  Global Phone Service Conferencing takes pride in ensuring the security of your calls to keep your discussions to the people who need to hear them.

Making the Most of Your Teleconference


State-of-the-art technology allows us to customize your services to meet your conference calling needs. A fully dedicated operator can monitor your conference to make your call as smooth as possible.  You can be sure that the connections and the lines will be monitored closely to ensure success.

For large conference sessions, the operator can mute conference participants, allowing the presenter to speak without interruptions.

The operator also can assist you with question-and answer and/or polling sessions. Serving as the moderator, if desired, the operator can open the "floor” to questions and select which caller asks the next question. For polling, the operator’s computer displays the number of responses to poll questions.

And, if someone misses your conference, conferencing providers offer archive/digital recording options for playback. Access is available via an Internet audio stream or through your assigned toll-free number, as a convenience for your callers.


Bringing Everyone Together with Global Phone Service


Getting started with your Teleconference is simple and flexible. With Global Phone Service Conference providers, you decide which connections you need.

• Toll-free Access
• Operator Dial-out

For even greater convenience, you can select reservationless or standing reservation options.

Through a dedicated phone number and a pass code, the reservationless option allows you to begin your teleconference instantaneously without needing to first contact an operator.

Standing reservations provide you with a reserved time each day, week, month, or whenever you to have regularly scheduled conference calls. No need to contact an operator.


Global Phone Service Conference Advantage


Because we understand the importance of individual attention, we at Global Conference take your teleconferencing personally. If you’re tired of being treated like one of the masses, discover how Global Conference carriers can improve your teleconferencing experience with a personal touch and technological know-how.


International Conference Calls are increasingly important for business!

We can connect any number of people from any number of countries!  We even provide toll free access from 66 countries to make it very easy for your participants.


The world’s largest and most successful companies operate 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, wherever their employees, partners, suppliers or customers happen to be.


A Global Footprint by Global Conferencing


They choose Global Conference in part because we lay down the broadest global footprint, providing coverage to the farthest corners of the globe via toll free access from over 65 countries! Our service is backed by the most experienced local support teams the industry offers. And all offered at extremely competitive rates!

Global Conference lets you:

* Unlock your global purchasing power and supply chains
* Help your geographically dispersed teams collaborate better
* Standardize and simplify your global virtual meeting processes
* Make leaps forward in productivity and efficiency


Learn more about International Conferencing can help your global business and order online.




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Be able to conference in minutes with credit card billing!    

INSTANT SIGNUP with Conference Group - Be conferencing in minutes

Standard Month End Billing ....   

SIGNUP with Conference Group - approval with 24 business hours



How Conferencing Works


Conference calls let groups of people -- from a few to hundreds or thousands -- communicate by phone. Banks and brokerages often use conference calls to give status reports to large numbers of listeners.

Other businesses use conference calls to help coworkers communicate, plan and brainstorm.  Often businesses, both large and small will use conference calls to connect to various groups of clients or prospects to share information. Conferencing can be a great, low cost marketing tool.


How it works can vary, but in all cases, quite simple.




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