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Prepaid Long Distance Service with Lowest Cost Calling Card
Get up to 473 Free Minutes at SignUp

NACI is now cooperating with Tel3Advantage to provide the best no-pin long distance solution to our domestic and international callers. TEL3Advantage is famous for its super money-saving service plan - the Flex Plan. The cleanest product on the market with the lowest rates! No monthly fees! No hidden charges of any kind! No activation or connection fees!


Features of the Flex Plan include:
  • Up to 473 Free minutes on Sign Up
  • Ability to create 10 subaccounts at no charge
  • Sign up denominations of $25,$50 and $100
  • Lowest Domestic and International Phone Rates.
  • Use from any phone including mobile phone
  • Manage all calls made from a single account
  • No switching phone companies
  • Pin Free Calling
  • iPhone app is available
  • Automatic Replenishment of account funds
  • No hidden fees or taxes
  • One minute rounding always
  • Ability to track all calls made, real-time
  • Perfect to use while traveling
  • Complete online account and billing management
  • Enhanced Features
    • Set up multiple accounts for
      family and friends
    • Make multiple calls with
      one dial (## *#)
    • Set up 99 Speed Dial Numbers
  • 10 Instant Access Numbers and SO MUCH MORE
As you already know TEL3Advantage Flex Plan is TEL3's BEST PLAN in every way. Lowest rates both domestic and international, most free minutes on sign up and absolutely no monthly plan fees.

Not only is the TEL3Advantage FLEX PLAN the best plan that TEL3's offers, but is by far and away the most competitive and convenient solution to make long distance calls in the market today. As a consumer or business you can use the service from any phone, including your cell phone, home or office phone without having to deal with switching phone companies, breaking contracts, and paying ridiculous cancellation fees.

The Tel3Advantage's Flex Plan combine the best of all worlds, by giving you the quality of your traditional phone service with the cheap rates of a prepaid phone card. However, unlike phone cards there are no hidden fees or falsely advertised rates.

TEL3?is a clean product with no hidden fees or charges of any kind, where you pay only for the calls that you make. With all calls billed at one minute increments.

In addition the TEL3Advantage Flex Plan, as the name suggests offers you Flexibility and Convenience. You can use this service from any phone, making it perfect for travel; Especially when you are stuck in a hotel room or at a pay phone with no money!

So think of the TEL3Advantage Flex Plan as the Next Generation Prepaid Long Distance Service, that will not only help you save on calls you make but make it easy for you to do so without any hassles whatsoever.
Domestic U.S. Rate 1.9 (Local Access) 2.9 (Toll-Free Access)
Lowest International Rates
No monthly fees or Hidden Charges of any kind
No Activation or Connection Fees
One minute rounding Always
Use from Any phone
No switching carriers
No obligations or long-term contracts


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FAQs about No-Pin
 Dial-around Service

Living or traveling outside US and Canada? Think Callback!

Use our flagship international callback service for significant savings by enjoying the same low rates as US and Canadian residents. See how callback can help you to achieve that.

How about a U.S. toll-free number?

Allow family, friends and business partner to contact you any time any where with one toll free number. A strong presence in North America with a toll-free number. See how you can achieve...

Prepaid Long Distance with
over 400 free minutes


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