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Discount international calls from anywhere to anywhere. Callback is the solution for the customer located "outside" of the U.S. Our callback service delivers a U.S. phone line to your telephone in any country. Make cheap international calls FROM any country to any country. Call any phone, cell phone or fax worldwide. Best voice quality of all the call back services available. Use it with fixed landline or mobile phones.   Learn more...


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Only 4.5 cents/minute! -- 1-800 Follow Me and 1-800 Office.
1-800 Follow Me allows your business partners, friends or family contact you free of charge from anywhere in Canada and the US, regardless of your physical location around the world. Great service for both personal and business purposes. 1-800 Office is a virtual PBX system. It adds more features than 1-800 Follow Me. It allows you to have extensions to different departments in different locations and free voicemail.

CallMe0800 is our unique product that allows your overseas customers to call you for free! Great tool to help you expand international markets.

TeleCenter offers low monthly fee of $34.95 for unlimited toll-free inbound voicemail with 16 features. Great for business advertising!

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NACI's dial-around service represents great saving in long distance charges for Canadian and US customers. With this service there is no need to change your current long distance provider. Simply dialing procedure allows you to call US, Canada and foreign countries and save. Learn more ...
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Use travel card to call home or anywhere in the world from major industrial countries without waiting for callback or registering a callback number in a foreign country.

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$49.95/year domain hosting with 150MB space and unlimited data transfer. 1 account holds 2 websites. Many  
free installed software including MySQL, Perl, PHP. Support Frontpage extension. Exclusive cheap hosting offer to our telecom customers. Domain registration is only $8.95/yr. 


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