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Problem Report Questionnaire

Customer ID
Agent Number
Full Name
Contact Phone
Call Example  
Callback Number
Destination Number
Date & Time of Incidence

Problem Details

No Callback
  I do not receive a callback when I dial my DID...
I do not hear the Ringback when I dial my DID
I do hear the Ringback when I dial my DID
Call Disconnection
  I got disconnected
Before I dialed my destination number
After I dialed my destination number
After I am connected to my destination
Invalid Destination
  System does not recognize my destination number
Unusual Tone/Message
  When I dial my destination number, I hear a ...
fast busy tone
slow busy tone
a message: All circuits are busy...a recorded message:
The call goes through with local company
Long Post Dial Delay
  After I dial my destination number, it takes seconds before I hear the a ring tone.
Line Quality
echo in the line
static in the line
I experience voice delay when talking
I cannot hear the other party
the other party cannot hear me
noises in the line
Other trouble
  Please provide detailed description of the trouble in the box.

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