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TeleCenter Offers a Low-cost Comprehensive Suite of Features -- 800 number + smart voicemail +voice mailboxes + call forwarding + caller ID, message remote retrieving, fax services, and more ...  for only $34.95/month flat fee!


So many cool 35 features...  


You'll be provided a comprehensive easy-to-follow User's Manual to instruct you 
how to set up the service and program these features after you become our customer.


Dedicated Toll Free Number

Using a Toll Free number for your business says a lot about you. Customers and prospects will perceive that your business is more solid, well established, and successful. You also remove any hesitation to call because your prospects won�t incur potential long-distance charges. Toll Free numbers typically have a 50% greater response rate than local numbers. The TeleCenter automated voicemail system also adds to the image of a substantial business by answering every call professionally and consistently, regardless of the time of day. TOP


Voice & Fax Messages Online

Accessibility to your business communications and simplicity are important so you can focus on what counts. With TeleCenter you can access, preview, save, or delete your voice and fax messages online in real time! Now, from any Internet-enabled computer, you can stay informed and be prepared to conduct timely follow-up with every caller. TOP


Caller ID

You will always know who called by accessing the detailed statistics your TeleCenter service gathers for you. Every telephone number is captured and available when you access your messages via phone or online. Even blocked or unlisted numbers are recorded. In additional, our system records the time of the calls were made with our intelligent time-stamp! TOP

Ad Tracker

Wouldn�t it be nice to know what promotional efforts work and which ones waste your time and money? When Ad Tracker is turned on, callers will be prompted to provide the AdCode that was displayed in your ad. When you access your Inbox, TeleCenter will inform you of the AdCode the caller entered. Ad Tracker lets you monitor your results and helps you quickly determine the advertising efforts that are generating calls. TOP


PhoneMatch can help you convert your hang-ups into prospects! This feature provides you the name and address of your callers if they are listed in the white pages. PhoneMatch enables you to more effectively follow up with your prospects. TOP

Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcasts can be sent to your entire downline with the press of a button. With TeleCenter you can specify broadcast filters to enable you to selectively broadcast messages to a subset of your organization such as distributors that are a certain rank, distributors that live in a certain area, etc. Effective voice broadcasting efforts helps keep your teams motivated, informed, and updated with the most current business practices so that everyone in your organization is prepared to achieve maximum results. TeleCenter automatically maintains your downline broadcast lists so you don�t have to spend your time managing lists! TOP

Microsoft OutLook � Access

In addition to having the ability to access your messages via phone or web, TeleCenter gives you the option to access your messages via Outlook. With TeleCenter you control how you access your messages. TOP

Co-Op Rotational

A co-op rotational number is primarily used for joint advertising. It functions like a rotating voicemail number, distributing calls to several different voicemail boxes that are preprogrammed to receive the calls. The major benefit to having a rotational number is that it allows teams or groups within an organization to split the advertising costs while sharing the leads generated from the promotion. TOP


Your TeleCenter is equipped to receive faxes 24/7. Why bother with the expense of owning a separate dedicated fax line or having multiple numbers for your contacts and prospects to remember? Your TeleCenter will automatically recognize fax tones and will store your faxes until you are ready to view them. You can simply forward your faxes to any fax machine, anywhere, at your convenience or you can view or print your faxes online without ever needing to use a fax machine! TOP

ConnectLive� *

If availability is a concern for you, stop worrying! ConnectLive, a "follow me" feature, will track you down at home, in the office, on a cellular or any other pre-designated phone number to let you know that someone wants to speak with you. It announces the name of the caller and lets you choose to accept the call or transfer the caller to voicemail. You can even configure the times of day that you want to be available so you won�t get caught off guard. Being available to your callers is better customer service and you can screen your calls enabling you to send time wasters to voicemail. TOP


Outgoing Calls/Direct Call Back * 

While listening to your messages, you can choose to automatically call back the person who left the message you are listening to. You can also make outbound calls using the Dial A Call feature. This works similar to a calling card and allows you to make outgoing calls from any phone. It is particularly useful if you find yourself in a situation where you don�t want to incur long-distance charges on the phone you are using. TOP

Fax On Demand

Give your callers additional information with Fax On Demand extensions. Prospects can input their fax number and have immediate access to your order forms, product or company details, directories, written testimonials, or any other information you would like accessible to your callers. This is a powerful marketing tool because it saves you time, expense, and effort from faxing information manually to your prospects!


Message Notification

Never worry about missing an important call again! Message Notification can be set up to notify you via telephone or pager when you receive new voicemail messages or faxes. This saves you time and money because you don�t have to keep calling your TeleCenter to check for new messages. TeleCenter will call you! Message Notification also ensures that you�ll be able to conduct timely follow up with your prospects while they are excited about your company and products, enhancing the potential to convert your leads! TOP


Extension MailBoxes

Four different types of extension mailboxes can be programmed to provide more details about your business and support your growth. Fax On Demand, Message Taking, Greeting Only, and Question & Answer extension mailboxes can be used in conjunction with your main greeting to provide a complete presentation system. Extension mailboxes are great for hosting training information, testimonials, information in multiple languages, automatic ordering, audio overviews, surveys, and anything else you can think of! TOP

Call Block

TeleCenter call block features provide 3 main methods of restricting who can dial your Toll Free number. You can create, modify or delete specific numbers from a call block list; restrict calls from entire area codes by adding or removing them from your area block list; or simply configure and activate AutoBlock for all inbound calls. AutoBlock lets you determine the maximum number of calls per day you can receive from any given number so you can prevent repeat callers from abusing your system. Used in conjunction with the Caller ID feature, Call Block allows you to effectively monitor and manage your Toll Free number. TOP


Greeting AutoCopy

If the Network Marketing company or organization you are with has setup pre-recorded greetings, you can preview or download the greeting of your choice. You can also download a greeting from another subscriber's TeleCenter. In other words, if your associates and sales agents have toll free accounts with us, and you wish they have exact the same greeting messages to callers, we can help you copy and paste your standard messages to other accounts. We retrieve your greeting file and apply to other toll free numbers. This will enhance your service efficiency and professionalism significantly. TOP

* Per Minute Charge is in effect for outbound dialing.

New TeleCenter� features - Use the Web interface to set up or access these new features!

Main Greeting � select a pre-recorded greeting (if any are available to you as a company affiliate), assign a greeting from another TeleCenter�, or upload a personal WAV file greeting of your choice�all through the web.

Manage your Extensions � you can add a new extension (Message Taking or Greeting) right from your computer.  Select a pre-recorded greeting (if any are available to you as a company affiliate), assign a greeting from another extension on your TeleCenter�, or upload a personal WAV file greeting of your choice.


Email Notification � you can now have email notification sent to two different email addresses when someone leaves you a message.

ConnectLive� is now �Call Forwarding� and its functionality has been enhanced!

Your TeleCenter� can now try to locate you at up to FIVE different phone numbers. Each of these call forwarding numbers can be set up with their own DAY and TIME schedules. With Call Announcement ON, you can now record a short message for your caller to hear before they are sent to voicemail.  AND you can now select from 12 Music-on-Hold selections for your callers to listen to while they wait to be connected to you.


User Settings � update your passcode, time zone, or the name that displays when logged into your TeleCenter� back office


Call Reports � see calls to and from your TeleCenter� - View the Details of Today�s Calls, Details of all calls for a date range or even to a Specific Extension.  There is also a Statistics Report that can show you a snapshot by date range of how many calls came into an extension, average length of calls, number of hang-ups, voicemails, etc.


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