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Europe Toll Free Service with Auto-Forwarding to USA, Canada or Any Other Country
-- Toll Free Virtual numbers from Europe (PLAN D)


Europe toll free numberIt is ideal for American importers, exporters, hotels, resorts, travel agents, tour operators, operations, and individuals wishing to stay in touch with customers and branch office associates in Europe. 

Few U.S. or Canadian companies offer a toll free phone number that works in Europe. NACI provides comprehensive calling convenience for your business to assist you expanding overseas market in Europe. Even better, our rates for international toll free callings are deeply low, e.g., just 14 cents/min from England to USA and Canada. Our system will forward all international calls from Europe to United States or Canada seamlessly and instantly.



The International Plan of "Call Me 0800" -- 800 number dialed from 17 countries in Europe: 

Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Bulgaria, Portugal, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, etc.


Sample rates to US & Canada from European countries (US$)


France Toll Free Belgium UK Toll Free Italy
 France  $0.08 Belgium $0.09 UK $0.09 Switzerland $0.11 Italy
Toll Free Ireland Hungary Spain Toll Free
Ireland $0.13 Hungary $0.15 Spain $0.08 Denmark $0.08 Sweden $0.18
Germany $0.08 Finland $0.20 Norway $0.09 Netherlands $0.10 Luxembourg $0.25


Your CallMe 0800 Toll Free number can ring to any telephone (land phone, cell phone), fax, modem, mobile phone or voicemail number in any country including US and Canada. Most toll free numbers in these countries look like "0800." Multiple rollover is also available as option. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

☆ Free Advanced Features

☆ Account Management

☆ 24/7 Live Customer Support

☆ Fast Activation

☆ No Contract, Cancel Anytime


"We found their services to be dependable, continuously evolving with new features,
and extremely valuable for our global expansion"

Advanced Services Features

call recording Call Recording
advanced call forwarding Advanced Call Forwarding
advanced ivr pbx Advanced IVR/PBX
secuencial forwarding Sequential Forwarding
failover forwarding Failover Forwarding
local ringtones Local Ringback Tone
simultaneous ringing Simultaneous Ringing
forward fax ForwardFax
roll over minutes Rollover Minutes
customized grettings Customized Greeting
voicemail logo Voicemail
black and white lists Black & White Lists



  Click here for complete calling rates with packages.




All rates are Per Minute (US$) and are billed in six second increments after
the first 30 seconds. The same rates apply 24 hours a day.


International Toll Free Service Summary


CallMe 0800 Overview

No Setup Fees
No Monthly Fees
Calling Rates Table
Rollover Feature
Global Local Number Now
CallMe 0800 Home
Calling Rates Table
Rollover Feature
Global Local Number Now
CallMe 0800 Home
Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me
Plan B: 1-800 Office
Plan C: TeleCenter
Toll Free Service Home

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