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International Toll Free Service FAQs and Features

1. Are there any minimum usage requirements?
There are no minimum usage requirements for this service.

2. What are the worldwide rates for this service?
Please check our rates here, select the country you will be calling from and submit the "View Rates" button.

. How long does it take to open my new account?
It will take up to 2 business days to open your account from the time you send us your request for service. Other countries may take up to 6 weeks depending on the country. Please contact us for more details.

. Can I use this service from any phone? Are the rates the same? The CallMe800 service can be used from any fixed phone, some mobile phones (please contact us for availability) and some pay phones (please contact us for availability). The rates can vary when calling a mobile phone or a fixed phone, so please check our rates here.

5. Can this service handle multiple calls and is there additional charges for this feature?
Yes, it can handle up to 30 roll over lines (can be expanded upon special request) and there is $1 monthly charge for each additional roll over line.

Business Ideas

Your business is located in UK but you have many customers in Japan.
You would like to provide them a possibility to call you for free any time they wish from any location in Japan.

You have an insurance company in the Australia. Some of your customers are located in Ireland. They will now be able to call you at no cost to them. They only have to dial your Irish national toll free number and the call will be forwarded to you in Australia.

Lowered rates for many countries effective November 1, 2011

  • Forward your calls to any number: your home, work or mobile phone

  • Pay affordable rates for high quality lines
  • Easily change your ring-to number online or over the phone in real time
  • Rely on 24/7 customer support confidently
  • Don't pay for busy or incomplete calls
  • Make effortless decisions with easy payment options
  • Receive simultaneous calls and forward them through your PBX
  • Easily get additional phone services you need from the same service provider
  • Free Customized Greeting Feature
  • Click to view full list of free features


  Click here for calling rates.


CallMe 0800 Overview

No Setup Fees
No Monthly Fees
Calling Rates Table
Rollover Feature
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Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me
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