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International Toll Free Service with Roll Over
- Overseas 800 numbers dialed free from Europe and Asia

How CallMe800 works

When you sign up for the CallMe800 service, you will receive a unique Toll Free Number assigned only for your personal account. You can have a toll free number from over 100 other countries outside north America. When your toll free number is dialed (by a friend, colleague, customer or a relative of yours), the call will be automatically forwarded to your phone number through our robust telecommunications network, wherever you are in the world!

Features and Advantages

  • Business use: If your company has clients located in a different country, the CallMe800 service will allow these clients to call you at no charge to them!
  • Personal use: If you travel to different countries on a regular basis, the CallMe800 forwarding service allows you to give your family and friends a personalized toll free number where they can call and reach you at any time, at no charge to them, regardless of what country you might be in today!
  • The calls can be forwarded to a cell phone or a fixed phone in any country!
  • You can change your forwarding phone number at any time through the Internet or over the phone when you travel to different places.
  • Optional roll over feature is available at an additional $1 monthly charge for each roll over line (up to 30 additional lines and it can be extended upon special request)
  • Benefit from low rates while enjoying high quality connections!
  • There are no connection fees or charges for incomplete or busy calls!
  • Easy payment options; Pay by credit card, or pre-pay by wire transfer!
  • You will receive a monthly statement by e-mail with call details at no additional charge!
  • Full featured on-line account management for easy handling of many convenient features!
  • Signing up for the service is easy and there is no contract and no commitment!

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CallMe 0800 Overview

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US Local Numbers

AND you can now get a "non" toll free numbers in the U.S. (a regular U.S. telephone number) which will be accessible from any country.

This service is "Call My US Number"



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