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4.5 cents/minute Toll Free Service with 800, 888, 877, 866 Numbers in USA, Canada
Low rate international call forwarding, unlimited voicemail and virtual office PBX

NACI TrueFlatstand-alone toll free service at low service rate with NO setup fee allows your business partners, customers, friends or family contact you free of charge from anywhere in United States and Canada, regardless of your physical location around the world. This will be your own personal or business toll-free number. No need to enter extension PIN. Simply toll-free number. That's it! This wonderful toll free solution will help you boost your business productivity and enable you to strengthen relations with your customers. 

Now we are offering 4 service plans (A, B, C, D) to meet the various growing needs from our clients. If you need special assistance in choosing appropriate calling plan, please feel free to contact our friendly service consultant by phone, voicemail or email.

1-800 Follow Me
1-800 Office  
CallMe 0800

1-800 follow me personal
1-800 toll free virtual office pbx
Virtual PBX

unlimited toll free voicemail
Unlimited Voicemail

international toll free number
US & Canada toll-free number forwarded to any phone in any country. Change your ring-to number in real time. Get free Voicemail for 30 days, then just $4.95/month  US & Canada toll-free number forwarded to any phone in any country.  Auto-attendant Virtual PBX system with 5-10 free extensions plus voicemail. Free trial for 30 days! US & Canada toll free number with 10 free extensions for up to 5,000 voicemail messages-taking and toll free fax line. No busy signal. 5-minute-long in-n'-out messages. Toll free number in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Italy, France, Israel, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan routed to US, Canada or any other country. 
One number to strengthen family and business relations worldwide..  Unified office appearance by virtual switchboard & dynamic operator. Enhanced business image in North America at minimum cost. A  time-saver Expand your market to Europe, Mexico and Asian-Pacific rim.  
Billed at 6 second increment with 4.5 cents flat rate within continental USA & very low international rates. No setup fee!  No cancellation fee.
Monthly fee $2 with 1-month free.  
Billed at 6 second increment with 4.5 cents flat rate within continental USA & very low international rates. No setup fee! No cancellation fee.
Service packages starts at monthly fee $9.99.
No numeric limit on messages in voicemail box. Caller ID with time stamp. Low $34.95 monthly fee covers all. No per-minute charge. $15 to set up. No fee to cancel. Low international rates. Example: Calls to a toll free number in Italy can ring to UK, USA or Canada. No cancellation fee. Monthly fee at $10. Setup fee $20. 48-hours fast activation.
Monitor call details in real time, update ring-to number online or by phone. It can be set as Voicemail-Only using "Forced Voicemail" feature. Monitor call details in real time, update ring-to number online or by phone.  Extensions can be set as Voicemail-Only using "Forced Voicemail" feature. Free to retrieve messages by phone or on Web. Free call alert by phone or Email. Download messages.  Monitor call details in real time, update ring-to number online or by phone or Email.
Vanity number & Choice number are available
Free 800/888-prefix number
Vanity number and Choice number are available.
Free 800/888-prefix number
Free random toll-free number. $25 for guaranteed 800-prefix number. No vanity number
No minimum usage. No taxes for US clients. No minimum usage. No taxes for US clients. No minimum usage. No taxes for any client. No minimum usage. No taxes for any client.
See plan summary  See plan summary  See plan summary See plan description

We earn your service everyday by providing superior service. You can cancel the service without any penalty if you don't like. No contract or long term commitments, but we award you for referring new clients or yourself.

 Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me 
Flat-rate plan, billed at 6-second increment for more savings  


Low rate of 4.5 cents/minute for calling within continental USA (inter-state or intra-state) and 6.5 cents/minute for calling within Canada. There is NO minimum to spend. Get your incoming calls forwarded to any land phone, cell phone, or fax line. Voicemail is add-on. No setup fee and you get one full month free for up to three toll free numbers and 30 days free voicemail trial. See more details here.


International users can use this plan to have US and Canadian toll free calls ring to any phone number in your country. This is called international forwarding. This is a great way to expand your sales in the United States and Canada. It is convenient for your potential customers to call you toll free, instead of dialing an international number which may be discouraging for many. With a toll free number on your web site, your potential customers will not even care about what part of the world you are in. They will pick up the phone and call you. For example, if you run a business in England and you establish a US/Canada toll free number, say 1-800-UK-HOTEL. Customers in the US or Canada can call this toll free number to contact you and you'll receive the call from an office phone or a cell phone in London. See more details here.

   Find out more about 1-800 Follow Me . . . 


Plan B: 1-800 Office VIRTUAL PBX
Flat-rate plan, billed at 6-second increment for more savings 
Include every feature in Plan A (1-800-Follow Me) plus free extensions and more features

Turn your ordinary phone into an office phone system (Virtual PBX) with multiple extensions and personalized voicemail. Also, you can record customized greetings, have an operator extension, etc. to impress your clients with a professional image at only a fraction of the cost. No setup fee! Same low rate of 4.5 cents/minute for calling within continental USA (inter-state or intra-state) and 6.5 cents/minute for calling within Canada.

A caller dials your Nationwide Toll Free number. They are immediately greeted by the Auto-Attendant that plays a pre-recorded greeting. This greeting can either be a generic message that is pre-recorded, or a personalized greeting that you can record. Callers are then instructed to dial a specific extension (Example - Press 251 for Sales). The caller dials the extension number and is immediately routed to a number that you have associated with this extension. You can then either accept the call, or have it go into your voicemail. For example, you can set extension 1 to ring to your sales office in Chicago, extension 2 to your customer service department in Houston and extension 3 to corporate relations in New York City. 

Multi-national business users can use this plan to set extensions that forward calls to any number in any country. For example, you can have extension 1 to connect to your head office in London, extension 2 to your technical support in San Jose and extension 3 to your supply office in Toronto. 

Free trial for 30 days!

   Find out more about 1-800 Office . . . 


Plan C TeleCenter
Low monthly fee for unlimited (up to 5,000 messages) inbound voicemail, fax, and mailbox

Say goodbye to per minute rates forever! Unlimited inbound voicemail up to 5,000 messages for one low monthly bill. Our new TeleCenter� program is just $34.95 per month with a $15.00 One-Time Activation Fee. That�s it! There�s no fine print, no surprises, and no hidden costs. For this low monthly fee, have your customers call you as many times as they want -- your inbound calls are UNLIMITED and you�ll never have to worry about per minute charges or extra fees again! For example, you can have customers to listen to your promotional service plans by dialing a toll free number. You can have 1000 customers call in at the same time without busy signals. You can store up to 5,000 messages to your voicemail boxes for 30 days. You also have ALL-IN-ONE package with 16 cool features such as free voicemail, fax mail, caller ID with time stamp, voice broadcast, call block, etc. You can also dial outbound for ConnectLive to call them back as if using a calling card at just 7.9 cents per minute. 

This service is accessible to all US (50 states including Hawaii, Alaska, Pouter Rico) and Canada. Many Canadian customers from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax and other commercial cities in Canada found it was very useful to promote their business in the United States. Overseas subscriber (e.g. an Australian company) can establish a toll free number to reach North American customers.  TeleCenter can extend your business's reach and enhance customer service at the minimum cost.

Order two or more TeleCenter numbers, you'll receive 333 minute free U.S. long distance!

  Find out more about TeleCenter . . . 


Plan D: CallMe 0800
International (non-US/Canada) Toll Free Number (CallMe 0800)

Get toll free numbers in countries other than US. You want to make it easy for your employees, customers, family and friends inside countries such as UK, Australia, England (UK),  France, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Puerto Rico and Ireland to call you.  This number is the toll free number registered in these 30 countries, such as England. It can ring to any phone number in the world. For example, you set up a toll free line is in England so that your potential customer can call this sales line in England free of charge to speak to you in anywhere in the world and order your product. 

Find out more about CallMe 0800 . . . 


Below is our service comparison with AT&T and Sprint

Manage your account 24/7/365 online. Change your ring-to number, view your invoice, retrieve call details, 
update your profile, send trouble tickets and special requests to our Customer Service center, and more.





Instant online setup


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Online account management


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Instantly change ring-to number


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Retrieve call details online in real time


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International forwarding


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NACI Cheap Toll Free Services: Best Toll Free 800 Number Solution will help you boost your 
business productivity and enable you to strengthen relations with your customers



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Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me 
Plan B: 1-800 Office
Plan C: TeleCenter
Plan D: CallMe 0800
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We support vanity number!



The toll-free number belongs to you!

The moment you sign up for a toll free number through NACI, and it begins to work properly, the number belongs to you.  At any point (when your account is active), you may have the option to cancel your account, or port your number to a different provider.  The only instance in which this would not apply is the following:

1) The account is never activated;
2) The number never connects;
3) Your account is under a "Collection" status due to unpaid charges;
4) You cancel your account BEFORE porting your number to a different provider.





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