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Toll Free Service for Call Centers


NACI toll-free service uses Qwest as the underlying carrier for quality and reliability. NACI toll-free service bring more features that makes the service more flexible to manage. These flexible features provide call center solutions that would ensure that your clients would receive more reliable and superior service. Our TeleCenter program provides unlimited inbound toll free calls -- perfect for call center services to handle customer request and support.

Prompt Activation.
Sign-up now and get your toll-free number instantly. Start enjoying the benefits within two business days.

Change ring-to number in real-time.
NACI allows you to route your toll free number instantly to any location or number. If your calls have to be routed to another call center because of system failure, high traffic etc, it can be done in real-time without the clients knowing it

Real Time Downloadable Call Detail. Independent call centers could use our call detail record to re-bill their clients or to measure the performance of marketing campaign in real-time

Caller ID Online. Caller ID is always provided online for every call you receive, easy for linking callers with account information.

Ring-To Numbers Anywhere in the World. Answer 1-800 calls anywhere in the world. This is ideal for international business competing in the North American market.

Online Account Management. Manage your account 24/7/365 online. Change your ring-to number, view your invoice, retrieve call details, update your profile, send trouble tickets and special requests to our CS center, and more.

Transfer your existing Toll Free Number.
Move your existing toll free number to NACI and enjoy great benefits and unsurpassed savings. 

Intelligent Routing.

Program your toll-free so it would ring to your office in US during business hours and another country during off-hours. As far as your client is concerned, they are calling the same toll-free number

Same great rates every day, Anywhere in US/Canada

6.5 Cents anytime, anywhere in U.S. One simple rate. Don't have to worry about inter-state calls or intra-state calls.

Fair, accurate billing

Our billing is very accurate that we post each calls on the internet in real-time. You can see for your self how much each call lasted, cost and other call details.

Get a number your clients would remember

You can search all the toll-free numbers that is available in north America to find a number that best suit your business. There is no extra charge for this. 


Keep your current toll-free number

Take advantage of NACI toll free service without changing the number. Just transfer the number to us. It is very easy. 

No long-term commitments/Cancel anytime

We will earn your business everyday by providing superior service. You can cancel the service without any penalty if you don't like our service.

Quality and reliable service of Qwest communication

We use Qwest top quality and reliable lines for all our calls. Our service is backed by an industry leader in telecommunication

Quality customer service

High quality service can be accessible by phone, email or fax.



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