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1-800 TOLL FREE  SERVICE IN USA, CANADA: Vanity Number Lookup

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Toll Free Service Vanity Number: USA, Canada Vanity Number Lookup (Plan A: 1-800-Follow Me and Plan B: 1-800 Office PBX)


We search your preferred vanity numbers for FREE! 
Get a desired number to enjoy the toll free service at 4.5 cents/min rate.

We understand how important a good number means to your business. As a courtesy to our customers, we will help you look up your special desired numbers and we'll assign those numbers to you when you sign up for our toll-free service. Now you can search through a database of all available numbers in USA and Canada, and you can see whether the number is available right away. 


toll free virtual pbxNow for vanity number, you can search from here by yourself. After you see a number is available, bring it back to us and we'll get it for you!


Now, customers with us are enjoying 4.5 cents per minute toll free calling rate within continental USA and 6.5 cents within Canada. And, there is NO minimum to spend!


Vanity Number - What is that?


In the world of toll free numbers, there is a special group of numbers called vanity numbers, or numbers that spell things like 1-800-RENT-CAR. Vanity numbers are special toll free numbers that represent meaningful words. These numbers are personalized toll free numbers that impress users because they are easy to remember. Great to promote business, especially, although it is also user-friendly for family and friend connection.


Please visit this page to learn more business benefits of vanity number.


Please be aware, that vanity numbers usually take 4-7 days to activate. There is one-time charge of $14.99 for all successfully connected Vanity Toll Free Numbers, which covers the administration of securing these numbers. You will only be charged if the number is successfully connected, and once it works, the number belongs to you. This is the administration fee we'll pay for to the central administration bureau who manages all the North American toll free numbers.


If you do not necessarily need such numbers, please disregard. Our system will generate random toll free numbers to you, which become effective immediately without waiting.


Now you can search from here by yourself about the number and after you find your number, take it back to us and we'll get it for you!


Since Vanity Numbers are in high demand, there is no guarantee that number you find will be available. Please research several options to try.


How to order -- Write down the vanity number you have found from your search, and then submit to us when you place your toll free service order on the toll free service application form for Plan A or B.


Choice Number -- What is that?


We help you select your choice numbers from our inventory of over 500 existing toll free numbers. This way, you avoid the extended time and procedure getting a vanity number, and you don't have to pay the $14.99 fee. Simply tell us what the keywords to your business are and we'll search the numbers that contain those keywords. For example, if your keyword is "web," which is 932 in number, we'll search for toll-free numbers that contain 932. So, when there is a number available, e.g. 1-888-550-2WEB, this number will be yours. This quasi-vanity number is still good for your business. It just takes 24 hours to activate it and it is FREE of charge. 


How to order -- place your numbers on the toll free service application form. Please be aware that your complete information including payment information is required for us to do the search, but you will not be billed for the search. 


Click to order 1-800 Follow Me service or 1-800 Office Virtual PBX service. Order will go through our secure server to protect your information.





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We support vanity numbers!



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